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What makes ACT important? We will discuss this issue in the sections below, as well as explain how we help to score high on the SAT or ACT.

What Does ACT Stand for?

ACT exam contains four parts: English composition, math, reading, and science. Those students who take the test will face numerous challenges in the shape of multiple-choice questions and some sample writing.

The most challenging part for most students is the ACT math. An applicant should respond to sixty questions of different levels related to different branches of math. The main problem is that you only have an hour to complete all the tasks. It means that a student should be well-prepared to answer the questions fast and with no mistakes.

Why does this test matter? It is a unique chance to demonstrate skills and content that young people have been acquiring in various math classes until the start of the high school senior year. Since 1959, the method is widely used. In the United States, the ACT is a way to check student's college readiness along with the aptitude. The final score that one receives matters for the college admissions process.

So, is the second part of your junior school year upcoming? Would you like to get enrolled in the ACT testing in the fall of senior year and get a high score to ease the admissions process? You might need a little help!

To do well at any exam, visiting school classes alone might not be enough. A student will have to observe the practice questions that might pop up on a real exam and make sure to respond to them correctly. A traditional teacher will not dedicate enough attention to your problems. Besides, you'll waste plenty of time having a ride to their place.

A professional online math tutor with extensive knowledge of the ACT format and subject is a perfect idea for the learners who feel like there are some gaps in their knowledge or simply wish to test their skills.

How to Benefit from Using This Service

Need the best tutor near you? To benefit from using our tutoring services, one has to register on this website first. To get ready for the ACT math test, a user should deposit a specified amount of money that will be stored on their balance. You can check your balance in personal account settings at any time. Pay ahead for several online lessons, and you'll be charged for each of them once it is over. Our users can pay using a great variety of payment methods that you can see on our website or during the sign-up process.

After a user pays for the test prep course, the lessons begin. First, consider these actions:

  1. Pick a tutor you need based on the required academic level, subject, and purposes (view the profiles).
  2. Review the schedule of the expert you'd like to work with.
  3. Reserve the date and specific time when you would like to take an online lesson with the chosen supervisor.
  4. Contact the selected expert to specify the details and make sure that they are available.
  5. Wait for the class and leave feedback afterward.

Please keep in mind that all lessons are held in a special online classroom with plenty of features. We'll pick the best one for you. The room will have everything needed for the SAT ACT math preparation:

  • Video communication tools
  • Microphone
  • Live chat
  • Whiteboard/Dashboard
  • File sharing
  • Course materials

Later, we plan to add group lessons. What does this opportunity stand for? The students will be able to divide the total price per lesson with each other to save costs. Also, an ACT math tutor will be able to initiate a group lesson on their own and accept as many students as possible (users will have a chance to join on their own).

A Look from a Tutor's Side

How does the system work for tutors? As we are here to provide the most helpful tutoring service, we do our best to hire competent, experienced, certified, and responsive supervisors to carry out online lessons and get you ready for the tests. Every candidate should start by filling out a special questionnaire. It will be displayed in their profile.

Having a good resume and recommendations alone is not enough - we are interested in the real knowledge and skills that we test by assigning our special tasks. Only after completing them and passing all the challenges successfully, an applicant can get a job and start teaching our clients. An applicant should wait for a moderator to activate their account in case of success. In their profile, our experts should mention the following things:

  • Availability
  • Areas of expertise (specific subjects)
  • Years in business
  • Education
  • Academic level
  • About Me video (optional)
  • Skills, etc.

They will also receive special scores while working. They will form the rating of each tutor. Please mind that the top tutors who offer the most effective SAT ACT solutions might cost you a bit more than others. Tutors should mind several factors that predetermine their final ranking in our catalog, such as a number of lessons, grades, client feedback, quality of assignments and study materials, and some other.

Whenever someone wants to reserve a lesson with a specific tutor, they should first negotiate the price and available dates and time. An expert should approve the suggested time.

We hope to hear that this service was extremely helpful for you one day. Your comments will only help this company to develop and expand, so all feedback that users leave matters to us!

To obtain ACT math tutoring online, follow the link that will take you to the class when the lesson starts and absorb knowledge like a sponge. Once the lesson is over, a selected expert will get paid. Your balance will be reduced. In case of cancellation or other force majeure situations, please feel free to contact the local client support team to resolve an issue.

From an advanced placement test to the ACT and SAT, we'll make sure that you are ready to face any challenges and end up with a good score. Many students call us their saviors. Message or call us today to connect with a top ACT math teacher and get help and support you deserve!