Geography is important because it is included in most educational programs worldwide. Taught in college and high school, it not only enlarges one's horizons and provides a general picture of the world, but also prepares students for dealing with related disciplines, such as engineering, archeology, logistics, etc. College and university students often encounter difficulties remembering all the specifics of this subject.

For example, one of our students had trouble understanding the mineral structure and climate change factors. With our tutors, however, he was able to successfully pass his exam and get a high mark.

Another student was given a task to write an essay entitled: "How would you define geography in your own words?". We helped them express their opinion and substantiate their arguments through reference to relevant sources.

Most students tend to ask traditional tutors for help with understanding difficult topics. Some university teachers offer extra teaching hours after classes to help students gain a deeper understanding of their subject. That is what they refer to as the traditional way of teaching. Usually, tutors offer their services individually or have specialized services promote their offers. In such a case, students get their training on the university premises or in the office of the company where they take their lessons.

In 2019, teaching geography through meeting at a physical location is getting gradually obsolete. Students are seeking new and innovative ways of learning geography that don't require them to be physically present with their tutor. Also, they look for lower fees because they find traditional courses quite expensive. Some learners cannot find a geography tutor in their area and have to frequently visit neighboring cities to keep up with their study program.

Fortunately, the Internet helps them solve this problem. The online education boom began in 2010 and continues into the present. In 2019, it is easy to get a diploma from top universities online without the need to attend lectures physically - everything gets done online.

To make the learning process more efficient, we have developed an online tutoring platform that allows you to learn many subjects (geography included) on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Having extensive tutoring experience, we can understand the needs of a common student and provide them with an unforgettable learning experience.

If you are still struggling with difficult geographic concepts, you shouldn't give up - we can always give you a hand with them.

Our platform offers a smooth online tutoring experience for students who have trouble understanding difficult geography topics. Thanks to our website, you can take online classes at any time and from any place in the world. To give you an idea of how our platform works, we have come up with a brief guide that is the all-in-one solution for anyone wishing to figure out what online tutoring is all about.

How to Use the Platform?

This guide will help you understand the main principles of using the platform, as well as identify the advantages it is capable of providing you with. For your convenience, we have divided it into 3 parts.

How It Works

Online tutoring is an innovative education technology enabling students to learn subjects remotely. We have developed our platform to provide them with maximum freedom. Thus, we offer not just traditional geographic learning website, but a fully functional platform with scheduling options.

First of all, you can choose a tutor from our tutors pool. You can evaluate their portfolio, teaching experience, and instructional methods. Each tutor can be reached via an online chat. Thus, you can ask for a detailed study plan or get a general overview of your problem. For example, find out how much time (or how many lessons) you need when you want to catch up with your study program or learn a topic you have trouble understanding.

Secondly, you pay only for the lessons you take. We do not require any monthly payments or paid subscriptions. You can get instant access to your online cabinet (a web page where lectures will be held) and start learning just after you top up your account.

You can also plan your own schedule by using our calendar planning function. Thanks to that, you are able to see whether a certain tutor is available and choose a suitable date and time. Thus, you don't have to give up on other activities or disrupt your college or university schedule.

How to Register

Registration is extremely simple. It can be divided into three steps.

  1. Register your account by providing standard registration data
  2. Top up your account with some money
  3. Choose a tutor and pick the time that suits you

Once you're done, you can start learning geography in a matter of several minutes.


We have come up with a list of advantages our students value the most.

  • Free scheduling
    Choose the time that suits you best.
  • Remote tutoring
    Learn geography online with only one gadget. You can have a geography course without being physically present in the classroom!
  • Cheaper classes
    We cut costs on electricity, property rent, security, etc. Thus, our prices are lower.
  • Better quality
    Thanks to global availability, you will be able to connect with a top geography lecturer from anywhere in the world.
  • Available 24/7
    Get in touch with us any time you want!

We are very serious about our selection process, which is why we hire only Master and Ph.D. level graduates with relevant teaching experience. No more dependence on your tutor's working hours or public transport. Choose your tutor now!