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Law Tutoring Testimonials

"Your tutor helped me realize that law is not just a science. It is the body of art. After a year of law practice, I can say that I am quite satisfied with the way I do in court sessions. I am more confident now, and I am going to continue to improve my skills following my teacher's recommendations".

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Lucy, 20 years, Stetson University

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Peter, 23 years, New York

How Do You Become Our Student?

Need help with your homework? Can't figure out a particularly complicated case? Maybe you would like to improve your grades? Our best law teachers are always here for you to assist in any matter.

If you want to join our platform as a student, here's what you should do.

It works as follows: you create your online profile and deposit some money into your account (we need to make sure that you can pay for the lesson). Please, note that you will not be charged at this stage. Once you book a lesson with a teacher you find the most suitable for your needs, schedule, and qualification requirements, you will get charged. The sum will depend on the hourly rate of the tutor.

After that, the system will let you access your individual virtual classroom. You're going to have a one-to-one lesson via a live video chat. You will also be provided with an interactive whiteboard and learning materials required for the session.

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