Did you know that there are more than 200 dialects in China? However, only one of them enjoys an officially recognized status and can boast of having its own name - Mandarin.

Chinese is the mother tongue for 70% of the Chinese people; it is also spoken in countless other eastern countries. So, if you ever decide to learn it, you can do it anywhere. You can also use it to get your message across to individuals in China and Taiwan.

But there's a catch - it sounds great until you start learning it.

Studying this oriental language can be a real hassle. Unlike Western languages, it's got no alphabet and has a totally different structure. The characters used in it look more like concepts than individual syllables, and that represents another big problem. Also, the tone you pronounce the character with plays a big role. And that's where you are likely to encounter some major problems.

Finding skillful and talented teachers can turn your challenges into fun. That is why we are here - to connect you with your perfect online Mandarin teacher who can help you learn and practice this language.

Choose between varsity teachers, go with a Chinese native speaker, English speakers with speaking experience, or any other kind of our talented online tutors. The Chinese instructors that we employ have a verified ID. We carefully scrutinize their CVs and conduct video interviews with them to provide you with only the best learning opportunities. Therefore, your private instructor will make use of only advanced tutoring strategies to help you attain the language proficiency of a Mandarin Chinese native speaker.

Studying with a teacher online is a relatively new tendency, but it has a lot more benefits than traditional tutoring. Let's have a look at the key advantages of Mandarin Chinese tutoring online.

Why Choose Online Chinese Instructor?

With online tutoring, you get to save time, money, and effort. You don't have to go anywhere to have a lesson with a Mandarin Chinese teacher online. You can stay at home, in your dorm room, or whenever you are, and not waste your time and money on getting to the place where the tutoring session will be conducted.

  • Finding a Mandarin Chinese language speaker, who is also an experienced teacher, may seem impossible in your location. That is why online tutoring is the only way to learn Mandarin Chinese with a native speaker. With our service, you will be able to choose between many teachers and find the one whose tutoring strategies and techniques match your learning style.
  • Study at any convenient time. If you are an early bird and you can only make time in the evening, you will find an instructor who will be available at this time. Or, there are always instructors available late at night.
  • You do not need piles of textbooks, exercise books, and other stuff. Your lesson will be conducted in an online classroom with a virtual interactive whiteboard. You will communicate with your tutor through an online video chat. Your instructor can share their computer screen and share the materials that wouldn't be available to you if you had a traditional one-to-one tutoring session.
  • You can stop whenever you want! There are no teachers looming above you and forcing you to complete your syllabus. No mandatory homework or exhausting tasks. It's completely up to you.

Grab the chance right now! You have found a place where all your dreams may come true. After mastering Mandarin, you will finally be able to visit the country of your dream - China, Singapore, or Taiwan. Enter a university in China, get a degree, or find a job there - no matter what your dream is, we will help make it come true. Call us todayб and we'll help you connect with a top Mandarin Chinese tutor. Learn, practice, and improve your communicative skills with the best online teachers.

Are you a native Mandarin speaker or a teacher who would like to try your hand in online tutoring? We would be glad to have you with us. Currently, we are searching for passionate and talented online instructors to assist our students in studying Mandarin Chinese. Contact us if you would like to join our international team and share your knowledge with those who are seeking new opportunities.

At Tutors-Planet, everybody has an opportunity to learn and teach. We strive to create and support a platform that allows for convenient and fast exchange of tutoring advice and service. Hit us up to boost your knowledge today!