Would you like to know what it takes to come up with a beautifully designed website? Maybe you'd like to try your hand at creating video games? Or, perhaps, you want to become a coder in the future?

If the answer is "Yes," then the role of Computer Science in your life is hard to overestimate.

Indeed, all these jobs provide you with many opportunities in the modern world. However, along with stunning prospects comes hard work. After you decide to take this path, you should be ready to endure a heavy course load at your university or college. To be able to master Computer Science, computer science literacy is also required. No wonder that few students can cope with such a challenge and not give up on their studies. And the reason for that is quite simple - they have nobody to provide them with a good piece of advice.

Or, you may face a completely different situation. You are a high school student and Computer Science is something that you simply can't grasp. You feel that you need someone to help you deal with it but you have none. You are desperate and have absolutely no idea what to do to get better grades.

No matter what situation you're finding yourself in, our company has a solution for you - an online instructor.

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A personal computer science instructor can help you in a variety of ways.

Firstly, they can help you boost your skills by giving you a hand with your homework and test preparations. Because their unique teaching approach suits your academic needs and learning style, you'll end up getting better grades and boosting your academic performance.

Secondly, computer science tutoring is capable of broadening your horizons. If you're good at Computer Science, you may want to advance your knowledge and skills. Your online tutor can introduce you to the theoretical or practical aspects of the subject you were previously unaware of. By giving you tips on how to keep pace with rapidly emerging technologies, your tutor will let you make use of the latest advances in computers and software. Having a skillful and experienced teacher by your side, you will learn about all aspects of software and network systems, databases, cloud solutions, and virtualization.

Thirdly, Computer Science is a challenging and complicated subject area. Some classes may seem totally incomprehensible to you. And it is not because your brain refuses to accept this information or you are not clever enough to grasp it. The problem is in the level of complexity of the studied material. In this case, you can either come to classes unprepared and get a poor grade or ask a computer science tutor to lend you a hand with topics you do not understand.

Fourthly, if you missed one or several Computer Science lessons, you may not be able to keep up with your class. And that means that you risk falling behind because you'll have difficulty understanding new material. Of course, you can ask your classmates for help, but certification tutoring is always a much better idea. Of all college subjects, computer science is arguably the most troubling one, which is why you should find a computer science tutor who can, quite literally, help you revisit the material from the page where you left off.

These are just a few ways you can benefit from a Computer Science mentor. No matter what your academic level and professional goals are, our tutors can provide you with an individual study plan. Each of our customers has unique educational needs. We understand that, and, therefore, will provide you with a private instructor who realizes your objectives and knows how to help you take one more step toward your goal.

With our online tutors, you will be able to master:

  • Basics of Computer Science
    Computer specifications, specific terminology, the importance of computer security, and other topics.
  • Computer Graphics
    Learn to create stunningly beautiful images by using Photoshop and other specialized software.
  • Programming Skills
    Learn or master one or more programming languages, including their syntax, natural semantics, structural operational semantics, and abstract machine code. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of different programming languages, such as C++, Visual Basic, Net, and others.
  • Algorithms and Data Structure
    Discover how to store and process data in the most efficient way.
  • Machine Learning and AI
    Acquire solid machine learning skills by working with Python, TensorFlow, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and other AI-based platforms.
  • Web and Mobile Development
    Develop websites and applications with the help of frontend and backend programming languages, learn basics or improve your skills in User Experience and User Interface.
  • Physical Computing and the Internet of Things
    Learn how to create machines that can sense the environment around them and act accordingly.
  • Games Development
    Create your own games from scratch.
  • Virtual Reality
    Acquire skills in developing applications for virtual reality.

Why You Will Love Studying With Us

Having such a variety of tutors who specialize in the most demanding fields of Computer Science, we are proud of what we can offer to our customers. Our clients remain equally satisfied because they can study from any place and at any time. Let us tell you more about the advantages of our online tutoring service - we're sure you will enjoy them very much.

Our science tutor can teach lessons from any place. You can stay at home, coffee shop or on a train, and be sure that our computer science tutor has a direct channel of communication with you. No matter whether you are a native speaker or foreigner looking for help with certification tutoring subjects - we've got you covered. Any time you need help with your homework and test prep or are stuck with a new task, you can always rely on our tutors. They are available 24/7/365 to give you a helping hand when you need it most.

With online tutoring, you do not need to worry about travel-related expenses. You can rest or do other important things instead of wasting time getting to your study location. You can even start putting aside money that you would otherwise spend on gas or plane or railway tickets. You will be surprised by the amount of free time and extra money you will have after you start studying with a computer science tutor!

Sometimes, finding a qualified Computer Science tutor who will meet all your requirements and be available at any time you want can be mission impossible. So, you either end up visiting a tutor who is not competent enough or quit this idea and leave all the questions you have unanswered. Since online tutors work around the clock, you will always have a list of experts to choose from. You can select a tutor by reading online reviews and comparing their ratings, which means that you should pay attention to the languages they speak, the experience they have, the subjects they teach, as well as many other important factors.

You will enjoy staying up-to-date and using the latest technological breakthroughs in your studies. With a virtual classroom and whiteboard, access to multiple Internet resources and a shared screen, you will have all the stuff you need to master the subject! Our tutors have been working in the online tutoring industry for many years. They are well aware of all the existing online teaching techniques and can explain the most complicated material in plain language.

Benefits of Online Tutoring in 4 Simple Steps

  • Step 1 - Registration
    Once you register on our platform, you'll be able to enjoy all the advantages of our online tutoring. Enter your email address, provide some information about yourself, and you are ready to discover the world of Computer Science.
  • Step 2 - Top Up Your Balance
    You do not pay for the session at this stage. You just top up your balance to pay for your lessons in the future. You only pay for the lessons you take.
  • Step 3 - Pick Your Tutor
    Here, you define Computer Science tutors meeting your criteria. You can check their availability in their calendar or book a lesson with another one in case of emergency.
  • Step 4 - Enjoy!
    Your lesson will be conducted via an online chat. You will have a one-on-one conversation and get all your questions answered.

If you still have problems dealing with Computer Science, call us today to connect with a top computer science tutor!