Not many people see the point in studying Portuguese. In fact, some of them believe that it makes absolutely no sense. Why should they, if this language is spoken in only ten countries of the world? Others think that it is enough for them to know Spanish because the two are almost identical. The former tend to forget that Brazil, whose official language is Portuguese, is the largest and most influential country of Latin America. The latter overlook the fact that Portuguese and Spanish are as different as, let's say, Spanish and French.

People who learn languages have long preferred Spanish to Portuguese. However, those who enjoy Brazilian culture or beautiful resorts in Portugal might find it useful to give this language a try. In any case, a new language always expands personal and professional horizons. Translators and content writers may also benefit from studying Portuguese!

  • The language is more wide-spread than they think.
  • It is not as widely studied as many people assume.
  • It provides additional travel opportunities.
  • Any Romanic language speakers can easily master another one.
  • Portuguese and English have a lot in common.
  • More educational and career opportunities.
  • Exposure to new cultures.
  • It just sounds beautiful!

You may find yourself bored or even asleep in your Brazilian Portuguese classes. And there are several reasons for that: first, a student should have a clear idea of how they can benefit from studying the language; second, the approach of your current teacher might be a bit confusing.

Did you know that individuals who study Portuguese with online private tutors succeed way faster than those who do it as part of their school or college program? Care to know why? If the answer is "yes," then we recommend that you read this article all the way through.

Benefits of Hiring Our Tutors

Many students wish to wield languages like native speakers. However, it is not that easy, especially if your mother tongue is not Portuguese or your teacher is not a native speaker. Even if your instructor possesses extensive teaching experience, they may still have a strong accent or poor command of grammar. Any language tends to develop over time, which is why it is critical for one to keep pace with the latest changes, including jargon and slang words. The idioms that mean one thing in one language may have a completely different meaning in another.

What we are trying to say is that only a Portuguese tutor with a bachelor's degree in linguistics and philology can help you attain an excellent command of the language. And you can't expect to get that level of proficiency in school or college. If you wish to speak Portuguese fluently, you should enroll in online courses conducted by real gurus.

By becoming our student, you'll get to learn multiple disciplines. Our online courses will help you speed up your studying process and let you impress your teacher and classmates with exceptional knowledge of specific subjects. Not long ago, we started to hire private Brazilian Portuguese and classical Portuguese tutors (all of whom are native speakers, of course). Now, you can learn this language at our academy.

Being a self-learner is a nice idea, but it won't ensure the results you strive to achieve. We recommend investing in your future by choosing our company! And we can give a dozen reasons why you should do that:

  • Your tutor will help you expand your vocabulary.
  • You'll get your hired expert's undivided attention and full support.
  • Our instructors have Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard degrees.
  • If you are going to learn a new language, it is the best place to start.
  • In our Portuguese classes, students will perfect their grammar and writing skills.
  • You'll be learning new information by using hard-to-find study materials.
  • You won't have to bother about getting good grades and meeting deadlines.
  • We give you a unique chance to communicate with a native speaker!

We have a large pool of experts. Each client who turns to us is guaranteed to get one. No matter whether you're a student or parent who cares about the future of their children, you will get the best deal!

All Levels of Language Covered in One Place!

To be the best in your class or school, you won't need to spend hours reading boring textbooks and trying to figure things out on your own. You'll do it with a Portuguese tutor who's going to be your reliable helper! And if you wish to master the language with individuals like yourself, we can arrange that, too. We plan to add this option for students who prefer to study in groups.

Hundreds of students have tried our services and been able to significantly speed up their studying process. If you wish to make sure of that yourself, the most effective way for you would be to accept our offer. Our Portuguese tutors can teach students of all language levels, including:

  1. Beginner
  2. Elementary
  3. Intermediate
  4. Upper-intermediate
  5. Advanced
  6. Proficient/Fluent

There's no need for you to search for a certified teacher on your own. No more running around and attending traditional language courses. On our site, customers can review a list of Portuguese tutors and select the one that suits their needs. You can see how many customers have chosen this or that instructor, the number of classes they have taught, their educational qualifications, professional background, skills, areas of expertise, overall rating, and a lot more. You will also be able to get in touch with your tutor and communicate with them directly.

We guarantee that each individual willing to give our service a try will get plenty of practice. When learning Portuguese with us, you'll get to study several different subjects at once, including geography, history, and political science. You'll also be able to expose yourself to the magnificent culture of Portuguese-speaking countries!

Clients who worry about the price can relax and take things easy - our team will offer them the most affordable rates. Thanks to our regular and seasonal bonuses, they'll be able to get discounts of up to 20%!

Here Is How Our Tutoring Service Functions

To learn your target language, you need to visit our website and provide us with some important info. Start by choosing an expert based on the data in their profile and other important features we mentioned above. The next steps include:

  1. Go through a registration process
  2. Let us know about yourself and your academic goals
  3. Subscribe to our newsletters so that you are able to get regular updates on our offers and new features
  4. Deposit funds in your account
  5. Choose a course and a tutor who will teach you

That is it! Your lessons will start as soon as you and your tutor agree on the date and time of your class. We will get back to you after the registration to confirm your order and discuss the details. See for yourself why online certified tutors are better than traditional ones!