For simplicity's sake, statistics might be regarded as a subject that puts students' logical skills to the test. Nowadays, it is included in the majority of study programs connected with the so-called "hard sciences." Since students have different learning styles, some of them might need the help of private tutors.

A statistics tutor is a person capable of explaining hard-to-understand things in a highly personalized manner. For example, they may teach their classes in such a way as to help their students gain an in-depth understanding of the material. They can adjust to your schedule so you can deal with all homework assignments most efficiently. Previously, anyone who wanted to take statistics lessons had to find a tutor and study subjects in a classical way, i.e., by going to their instructor's place and having lessons with them there.

However, the situation has changed dramatically since then. With the advent of the Internet, online tutoring lectures have become ridiculously easy to attend. Now you can take the best online statistics lessons from any place in the world. The only things you need are a computer and a strong Internet connection. With our platform, you can choose an academic tutor online to improve your knowledge in any mathematical discipline, starting from elementary math to standard deviations and T-tests. Here is the list of advantages online statistics tutor lessons have over traditional ones!

Time Adjustment

On our platform, you can connect with a tutor who has the required experience to solve your problem. To choose one, you'll have to register an account, let us know your email address, and fill out an online form with some essential data. After that, you will be allowed to access the list of tutors and their availability schedule. By being able to choose your study time, you can live your life the way you usually do and not bother about missing out on other important things.

Rating System

Unlike traditional instructors, our tutors have extensive experience teaching statistics online. Each of them is required to have a Master's degree or higher to be allowed to conduct classes. We provide a fair rating system and evaluate each lecturer's performance.

Remote Access

Enjoy your private lessons without having to be physically present in the classroom. With our innovative study platform that offers online lessons, you can chat, exchange files, and use pre-uploaded study materials. Your statistics tutors can send you files during the lesson, and you can download them by simply dragging and dropping them on your computer. This is way handier than printing out their hard copies!

Instant Solution

If you have trouble dealing with statistics and probability tasks, then taking online classes should be a convenient solution for you. Our lead tutor team is always ready to provide instant statistics homework help. Your teacher (who's normally a native speaker) is available 24/7. You won't need to look for traditional instructors and adjust to their schedule - our platform offers online lessons 24/7.

Pay Less - Get More

Since globalization forces companies to fight for customers, they strive to provide services of outstanding quality at the lowest possible prices. The average cost of our online lessons is much lower than that of traditional ones. We do not have to pay for communal utilities, renting premises, security, equipment, etc. Because of that, you may benefit from prices that are way below the national average. We, on our part, can provide you with higher quality lessons at lower prices.

We are now working on a lesson sharing option that will let you split the cost of a lesson with statistics tutors between you and other people. This option might be useful for students who have exactly the same questions and need a cheap but reliable solution. Follow our newsfeed to be the first to get the latest updates on this feature!