Do you need to define philosophy in one of your papers? Or is it about writing a dissertation for a doctoral degree? How do you feel about philosophy: is it boring or exciting? A lot of things depend on your teacher. Many students raise complaints about their professors being unable to explain things properly. They claim that that prevents them from fully understanding the subject and gaining the necessary skills. Many teachers do not prepare their students for real-life problems either, and that can be pretty disappointing.

The tutoring rate of a university isn't always justified: some students confess to not knowing anything about philosophy after graduation. Most recent studies have shown that online tutors can be more effective than traditional ones. So, why choose them? A student may need a good philosophy tutor to:

  • understand their place in the world;
  • master a course faster;
  • get ready for various exams;
  • be taught by certified experts;
  • significantly increase grades and GPA;
  • have another perspective on the subject;
  • improve writing skills;
  • obtain other necessary skills (e.g., research, critical, and analytical ones).

Studying philosophy is vital because it helps young people prepare themselves for adult life. We keep puzzling over questions of what our essence and mission in life are. Philosophy is closely related to other tutoring subjects, such as political science, psychology, sociology, history, anthropology, religious studies, and even business. Therefore, there's a strong likelihood that you might require assistance with them, too. Students who want to learn more about them and be ahead of their class can find pro assistance on our website. We will provide them with insightful clues into how to find personal educators online.

Get Your Philosophy Tutors in 4 Steps

Are you ready to expand your existing knowledge and expand your horizons? Philosophy is closely interrelated with other subjects you study, so extra assistance with this class and papers that your teachers assign is always handy. Here is what a user should do if they want to connect with top philosophy tutors:

  1. Sign up by heading over to the page with a special form. Once there, you should deposit a required amount of funds in your account. Following that, we'll email you a letter proving that you're now a verified user.
  2. Check out our tutors' profiles to figure out which of them suits you best. Make sure they're available and sign them up.
  3. Each lesson is held in a virtual classroom. You'll get to use audio and video equipment, a whiteboard, required study materials, and much more.
  4. Once your class is over, the money that you have in your account will be released to the tutor. That is why we ask you to deposit money beforehand. That way, our teachers are guaranteed to get paid. Also, you'll get to have a refund if the class falls short of your expectations.

We're planning on expanding our online tutoring services by adding group lessons. Keep in touch with us to stay updated on all new features.

How Do We Hire Tutors?

To be able to work at our company, would-be tutors are to pass a rigorous selection process. Most of them prefer to be called freelancers and are free to choose when and where to work from. Since they all live in different corners of the world (the US, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom), you can get philosophy tutors whenever you want.

We do not cooperate with individuals for whom English is a second language. All experts applying to us should be native speakers. We do that to avoid potential misunderstanding with English-speaking students and also assist ESL students. The latter get two benefits at the same time: on the one hand, they do philosophy, and on the other, they improve their knowledge of the English language.

Once a tutor has proven they deserve to be part of our team, they can access our system and start teaching our clients. They're also expected to fill out a special questionnaire. It will be posted on their profile page where our customers can review it any time they want.

It makes sense that a top philosophy tutor costs more than a beginner. We divide all experts into categories based on their expertise, credentials, skills, availability, ratings, etc. Our clients get to see any additional materials attached by them, such as About Me videos and the portfolio of their works. They can also see how many classes our native speaker has taught, the grades they awarded, the rate that they charge, as well as their students' feedback.

You may call us 24/7, or you can leave us your email address, and we'll get back to you. Alternatively, you can email us your phone number, and we'll send you a letter containing all the info that you need. Every tutor from our team is the true professional who's ready to share their skills with you. They all have certificates proving that they possess the educational background described in their profile. To truly appreciate the benefits of learning with a top philosophy tutor, you should first register on our website. Call us today to prove to your teacher and the rest of your class that you can ace this difficult course!