How would you describe Japanese? Difficult and intimidating? Or fascinating and exciting? Let our tutors help you figure that out. For all you know, it may not be as difficult as you imagine.

You may have different reasons for studying this language. They may be study- or work-related, for example. Or you may need it to help you feel more relaxed during your stay in Japan. No matter which of them is yours, you'll still need a tutor who can give you a hand with whatever difficulties you may encounter during your learning process.

However, mastering a new language isn't only about fulfilling your most precious dreams. By doing so, you get to expose yourself to different cultures and immerse yourself in them.

Indeed, Japanese is an amazing language. There are four alphabets in Japanese: Hiragana, Katakana, Romaji, and Kanji. These alphabets can seem intimidating at first sight, but our teachers know how to make it really simple for you. They are eager to share their knowledge with you.

They have all the tools necessary to introduce you to such a beautiful country. Studying its language with non-natives isn't such a good idea, so we recommend doing it with native speakers who possess some solid teaching experience. They are well aware of how to teach all its aspects, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Our platform offers online lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. You might be just willing to start discovering its beauty, or be already acquainted with it. From the beginner to advanced, our instructors know exactly what you need.

Our Students Speak Their Mind

"I took Japanese lessons from a native speaker. IMO, Japanese is one of the most complicated foreign languages I have ever learned. Although the different alphabets can be confusing and pose a serious challenge to inexperienced learners, your teacher helped me a lot. My business trip to Tokyo was very fruitful thanks to my good command of the language. Thank you for connecting me with the right mentor. I appreciate it."

John, 32 years old

"Your service helped me boost my speaking skills. I first studied the language at Kakehashi Japan, but it didn't quite live up to my expectations. So, I decided to give your courses a try and, frankly speaking, I never regretted my decision. It is a great online school, and the teachers who work here are real pros. Thank you."

Susan, 26 years old

Why Choose Our Online Service?

Thanks to online tutoring, you save your time, money, and effort. You can study from any place and avoid spending money on getting to the place where the tutoring session will be conducted.

Finding a native Japanese language speaker, who has teaching experience, may be mission impossible where you come from. Therefore, online tutoring may be your only opportunity to communicate with a native speaker. With our service, you will be able to choose a teacher whose strategies and techniques match your learning style.

Study at any convenient time. If you're an early bird and can only study in the morning, you will definitely find a tutor who will be available at this time. And it works the other way around, too.

You do not need piles of textbooks. Your lesson will be conducted in an online classroom with an interactive whiteboard. You will connect with your tutor via an online video chat. Your teacher can share their screen with you, attach files, and let you have access to the materials that wouldn't be available to you during a traditional one-to-one tutoring session.

How Do You Become Our Student?

  1. Sign up. Create an account with our tutoring company.
  2. Top up your account. Deposit money into your account to pay for your future lessons.
  3. Choose a tutor. Check the list of available tutors and schedule a lesson.
  4. Enjoy the lesson. Start studying Japanese with our professional tutors.

So, do you want to learn Japanese as a second language? It's evident that the answer is "yes." Even though Japanese is considered to be difficult, you're determined to overcome all obstacles. We feel that it will benefit you in many ways. You can improve your pronunciation, read your favorite books or watch anime in original. All of these will make you feel really proud of yourself.

So, take your first step towards becoming a Japanese learner!