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Each tutor has a verified account that you can check out any time you want. Having spent years in business, we know how important it is to have a team of highly qualified employees. Therefore, we carefully check every candidate who is eager to join our company. We take it so seriously that we consider it our number one priority. As a customer, you want to be sure that the tutor who is going to teach you or your kid is credible and trustworthy. That is why we require all potential candidates to provide us with the photographs and soft copies of their certificates. That way, we can ensure that their qualifications meet our requirements. Then we interview each candidate and pick only the most skillful and experienced. Each and every product or service we provide you with has a "tutor certified" stamp on it!

Traditional vs. Online

Online tutoring has plenty of advantages over traditional lessons.

  • Convenient and stress-free environment
  • Save transportation costs and time
  • Study from any place with the Internet connection
  • Access to training materials on your laptop or computer
  • Exclusive educational sources
  • Instant academic assistance

If you feel that you or your kid need to get academic support from qualified History tutors, you should follow these 4 simple steps.

How to Get Started

Sign in and create an account with us so you can get access to our database. Enter your email address and add any other information that you think is relevant. Then, top up your balance. Please, note that you do not pay for your class at this stage. Provided there are funds in your account, you will be charged for lessons as you take them.

After that is set and done, select an instructor that can satisfy your educational needs and schedule. Enjoy your lesson conducted via a live video chat!

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