Being able to speak German is a good way of showing your proficiency in a second language. After mastering German grammar and spelling, you can travel around 16 constituent German states and have no problem communicating with people living there. However, if you wish to study, work, or become a trainee in Germany, you should make sure that your knowledge of the language is at an advanced level.

Companies specializing in language instruction are currently offering a typically obsolete teaching method. It usually involves signing up for group lessons and studying with other students every week. This method is efficient, but it has several substantial drawbacks. Firstly, the more students are in a class, the more difficult it is for the lecturer to pay attention to all of them. It is simply impossible to talk to each of the learners if there are too many of them. Plus, the time and location are usually inconvenient for you - you should spend additional time and money on getting to the classroom. Finally, you get taught by someone who is not a native speaker. Therefore, we suggest that you give some serious thought to online language courses.

So, why choose online learning? It's pretty simple - you can greatly improve the efficiency of your education and avoid having to deal with the conventional education system.

How Can You Benefit From Our Platform?

If you wish to try remote learning and be able to set your own study schedule, you should try online German tutoring. So, why don't you check out more info on why you should opt for online German language learning?

Choose time and place.

From now on, you are the one who decides where and when your lessons will be held. Forget about the need to adjust yourself to group lesson schedules. Since your top German tutor has a schedule of their free hours, you can choose what time suits you best. You just have to ensure that you have a stable Internet connection, camera, and microphone (i.e., a laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone).

Enjoy private lessons.

In the past, they taught German with a "you do it in a group or you don't do it at all" method. With remote learning, you can connect with a top German teacher and benefit from a personal approach. Our platform allows you to have private lessons or do it with the student you wish to share your expenses with.

Pay less and get more.

Since an online Germany tutor has everything they need to educate you, there's no need for you to spend money on additional equipment. You won't have to bother about office rent and electricity bills being included in the price of your lesson, either. You will only have to pay for German speaker tutoring and our small commission.

Choose your tutor.

One more reason why online tutoring is better is that here, you can choose the tutor. On our platform, you get to pick from a wide range of teachers and check their availability any time you want. Also, you can have a look at their profile to find out if it suits you. You can contact your private instructor in advance by sending them a text message and clarifying the details for new instructors.

How Can You Book Your First Online Class?

It is ridiculously simple today to connect with our German native speakers. Here are some hints on how you can make your registration process fast and smooth.

1. Create and Deposit Your Account

First of all, you should create your personal account and fill in your personal information. It would be great if you could mention your academic background and command of any other languages you speak. Then, you should top up your balance. Please, note that we do not charge any money for registration, nor do we make you pay a fixed monthly payment. You pay only for having a lesson with a proficient German speaker and using our platform.

2. Choose Your Tutor

There is a wide list of tutors available. There are two ways you can choose a teacher for your initial trial lesson. You can either pick a tutor and adjust to their availability schedule or see all available teachers and choose one that suits your schedule. Thus, instead of learning German on Skype, you can choose several teachers and schedule different appointments with them. The tutor who will be conducting the lessons speaks the language exceptionally well. And it is hardly a surprise - they're all native German speakers and have spent years tutoring subjects they get paid for.

3. Prepare For The Lesson

After you have taken care of all money-related matters, you should prepare for your first class. The preparation is quite different from ordinary lessons; however, there is nothing tricky about it. First, you should check your hardware (your microphone, web camera, Internet connection). Try to make a test call to see if your device is suitable for active students lessons. Then, you'll need to make sure that you have the required materials for the class. During your first lesson, a top German tutor can ask you to do a test to see your language proficiency (i.e., intermediate German or advanced). That's a standard procedure for new students. Finally, if you've got any home tasks, make sure you got them digitized (a scan or photo will be fine).

It is safe to say that online tutoring is way simpler and convenient than any other traditional method. Still got questions? Why don't you call us today, and we'll answer them all!