Nowadays, pursuing a career in computer science is an ambition quite a few young people have. There's a constant demand for websites and PC programs, and to meet it, qualified employees or freelancers capable of delivering top-notch tailor-made digital products are required.

If you are just starting down this long road and need a hand with figuring out some basic (or more advanced) things for your high school or college course, you've come to the right place. We can introduce you to the basics of Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as help you with more complex issues you might be facing.

Our online tutoring service doesn't require you to leave your home - all tuition will be done online. The teaching personnel here is extremely well-qualified and can explain really difficult things in plain language (e.g., how to use the computer and what programming languages are all about).

If you're long past the stage of a newbie, we'll be happy to lend you a hand with SQL, Java, Python, and other languages. Also, tutors working here will dramatically improve your overall competence in this area. Thanks to them, you'll be able to increase your career prospects and look confidently to the future.

We're pleased to tell you that quite a few of our customers have achieved things they previously didn't even dare to think of. Let's see what one of them named George (Arizona, US) has to say about it:

"I am so happy that I found your platform. Thanks to you, I met Michael, a computer tutor. Not only does he have extensive experience, but he's also a really patient individual. He helped me with things I had a very vague idea of. Because he is such a good teacher, I now know how to use my computer most efficiently. He's the reason why I got promoted at work. Michael also helped me bring out the best in me in all respects. This is the best experience I've ever had studying with someone."

Why Should You Turn to a Computer Tutor

"So, why choose you?" you may ask. We want you to come to the realization on your own. Therefore, we'll simply state facts.

  • Qualified Tutors
    Each tutor has a PhD, MSc, Ma, BSc, or Ba in their fields. You'll be attending basic computer lessons taught by a native speaker. They are able to convey ideas precisely and to the point.
  • Around-the-Globe Access
    You can reach your tutor from anywhere in the world, be it the USA or Australia.
  • Save Your Time
    Study from your current place. Be it your room or library, you can increase your computer proficiency without leaving them.
  • Convenience
    You'll only need your PC and a stable Internet connection.
  • Real Results
    We always deliver on our promises. You'll get what you were promised and even more than that.

How It Works

  1. Register
    First, create an account and enter your email address to be able to connect with a computer science tutor.
  2. Pay
    Now, deposit some money in your account. Please, note that you do not pay for the lesson at this stage. You just top up your balance to be able to pay for your lessons in the future. Once you take the lesson, you'll get charged for it.
  3. Choose your tutor
    Find the tutor that meets your educational needs, schedule, and whom you will feel comfortable working with.
  4. Take a lesson
    Enjoy your lesson with a selected tutor in the virtual classroom via a live video chat.

Don't wait another minute - make the decision today! Contact us, and we will connect you with the best candidate!